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(frz. régie „responsible management“)

Combine the expertise of individual specialists to create innovative solutions that achieve impressive results and captivate all stakeholders.

I support clients in various critical project phases – whether it's the initial idea on a blank sheet or the last-minute takeover of an ongoing production.

Let's find out which services are crucial for your project.

I leave the director's baton in the closet for this.

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Lasse Liersch | Eventregie
Lasse J. Liersch

In the mid-1990s, immersed in the cosmos of staging on the set of a Berlin-based feature film production. What began with initial explorations evolved into over 15 years of experience in producing commercials, music videos, fiction, and live formats.

In the early 2000s, a new galaxy emerged: live communication.
Since 2010, directing within the universe of live events.

Co-Founder of spark.vsioin GmbH. Member of the Event Directors' Interest Group.
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